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As a non-profit organization, we from Startup Nights depend on the support of our partners to bring our event to life. Our mission is to foster and promote the startup community, and we are always on the lookout for partners that share this vision. Partnering with us is not just about supporting a noble cause; it also offers significant returns. You're not just contributing to the startup ecosystem; you're also positioning your brand at the forefront of innovation and community support.

  • Brand Awarness & Image

    Show our visitors that your company is participating actively in the startup ecosystem.

    Startup Nights attracts a diverse and influential audience of innovative people, professionals, and decision-makers.

    With 8’000 visitors and X exhibiting startups last year, our event provides a thriving platform for networking and business growth.

  • Lead Generation

    We offer a wide range of partnership formats and modules, carefully designed to suit your marketing goals and budget.

    Whether you seek brand visibility, lead generation, or thought leadership opportunities, we have the perfect solution for you.

  • Meet Your Target Audience

    Startup Nights brings together a diverse range of startup enthusiasts from founders, investors, startup employees, innovation and university professionals, politicians and more.

    This is your chance to connect with potential clients, partners, and industry experts who are actively seeking to speak about innovative solutions and business opportunities.

Some of our partners from 2023

  • UBS
  • Mobiliar
  • Stadt Winterthur
  • Microsoft For Startups
  • Wenger Vieli
Noii startup booth at the startup nights


We offer a wide range of formats and modules. Each partnership is Set up an eye-catching booth area of either 2x2m or 3x3m, specially designed for optimal visitor interaction.

Whether you seek brand visibility, lead generation, or thought The booth serves as a dedicated event space, providing with direct engagement opportunities with event attendees. It can be utilized as a place to host meetings, demos, and networking sessions, enhancing brand visibility and fostering meaningful connections.

Speaker Opportunities

We offer a wide range of formats and modules. Each partnership is Secure a spot on the big stage as a keynote speaker, panelist, or Fireside Chat participant.

This exclusive opportunity allows you to address a large audience, positioning your brand as an authority in the industry and demonstrates expertise and thought leadership. Limited spots ensure high visibility and prominence.

Speaker at Startup Nights on stage
Nikin Workshop


We offer a wide range of formats and modules. Each partnership is Host a workshops of 30-45 minutes, reaching an audience of 80 participants per session.

Showcase your expertise, products, or services to establish thought leadership and create meaningful connections with potential clients and industry peers.

Startup Pitching Sessions

Join the jury at the pitching sessions to witness cutting-edge innovations and emerging startups.

Being part of the jury elevates your reputation as a discerning and influential player in the startup ecosystem. You can identify potential investment or collaboration opportunities and stay abreast of the latest industry trends.

Winners of the pitching competition 2023
Someone holding a founded magazine issue

founded. Magazine

Get featured in the founded Magazine by sharing an engaging story with over 67,000 readers. This could be a background story of a executive board member.

Alternatively, you can enhance your brand visibility by placing a advertisement.

Promotional Opportunities

We offer a wide range of formats and modules. Each partnership is There are several opportunities to give you a prime spotlight and ensure your visibility before, during and after the event.

This includes extensive logo presence on the event website, newsletters, social media, and on-site materials, blog posts on, display ads on event screens.

Home of Innovation photo bus at Startup Nights
Alealeaf visit card

More Partnership Options

Sponsoring the photo booth, pitching prizes, goodie bags or place a product in the goodie bag, sponsor the Gala Dinner, Leaders Brunch, Afterparty, a stage or workshop room, sample your product on-site, and much more.

Let’s discuss your ideas.

Let's discuss your ideas

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